Brutalist redesigns

Giving popular apps the brutalist treatment. 

I wonder if these rugged aesthetics, now commonplace in cutting-edge websites, can work at scale – in mobile apps used by +1b people. Instagram's new UI paved the way: can this effort be replicated in other categories (e.g. gaming)? Is brutalism a fad or the future of app design? Would it make apps more easy-to-use and enjoyable? To end with, would it generate more  conversion? Experts sometimes suggest that more text equals more engagement – what if we push this idea to the extreme?

Process: I used system fonts and basic web colors. Besides, I sticked to the original UX so as to mind the industry constraints. The screens are not designed to be pretty (e.g. I used Comic Sans, etc.) The project's goal is rather to start a conversation about what's coming UI-wise, and how it should be done. Indeed, it seems that brutalism is still loosely defined: is it more about Swiss minimalism or just raw coding? To this end, I tried to explore the various styles of brutalism I found on the most comprehensive brutalist database,

Instagram (I felt there was almost nothing I can do to make it look more brutal – so I did nothing).