Crisis Chair

Building designer furniture in times of recession

This chair is made out of two IKEA Lack tables. Its price of 10 euros makes it a nice pick for whoever wants to afford designer furniture during times of recession. We made the chair roll from Helsinki to the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.



When I was an exchange student in Helsinki, my friend Maarten and I signed up for a trip to the Stockholm furniture fair. We decided to design a piece of furniture to bring along. We knew that there would be mostly expensive furniture at the fair, so we wanted to design something different. 


We looked at:

  • Maarten Baas’ way of using iconic furniture to create new furniture
  • Cost-based design, which Swedish IKEA was famous for
  • The Ikea hackers community
  • The current economic crisis

While experimenting with the cheapest IKEA furniture, we found out that two Lack tables screwed together would make a nice chair. We added wheels to it and made it roll to Stockholm, where we sneaked it in the fair.

 At the end of the afternoon, we abandoned the chair at the fair.

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While visiting IKEA, we took a lot of pencils. Toying around with them, we were mesmerized by their differences of colors. IKEA’s products were not so standardized after all. To reflect on this, we lined up many of those pencils on the school gallery's walls.

We named the piece after Henry Ford’s saying: "You can have the Ford T in any colour, as long as it's black".

The installation was made up of 3286 pencils

We advertised the exhibition by sticking those minimalist posters all over the school's walls.